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Hi fellow readers,

I am still pretty busy with other projects that prevent me from adding more content to my blog, but here is a topic I wanted to write about for already a really long time now. As my URL might suggest, I do enjoy reading. This all started when I moved to Munich for university. The long commutes to university and the added free time that comes with going to university offered me the perfect environment to read a lot of books. So since 2014 I have been using the Goodreads platform to document the books I have been reading (here the link to my profile).

Goodreads Reading Challenge

Just after New Year’s each year, Goodreads offers you to participate in a reading challenge where you set a goal on how many books you are going to read in the upcoming year. During the year you can visit Goodreads and it will tell you how far behind or ahead of schedule you are in your reading challenge. In 2015 I pledged to read 15 books and was pretty proud of myself (here is the list). So I raised the bar in 2016 and pledged to read 18 books.

With the year now coming to an end I sadly have to realize, that I won’t complete my reading challenge. So far I have only read 15 books (here is the list). I like to think, that writing my bachelor’s thesis this year took away a lot of my time and particularly a lot of my motivation on reading more, since I had to read a lot of scientific papers and textbooks when researching on my topic. This is probably just a poor excuse, but I still decided to lower my reading challenge goal to something between 15 and 18 books for 2017 to ensure that my reading goal always stays realistic.

I would like to mention, that I only add books that I read in my free time to my Goodreads profile. You wouldn’t find any of the textbooks I read for my studies on there. So I probably do read a few more books during the year than are actually mentioned on my Goodreads profile.

Goodreads also offers you to embed a gallery of the most recent books you have read. I added this to my sidebar and you can click on the covers to visit the books entry on Goodreads. On the more recent books I started writing my opinion on the book as a review on Goodreads. So if you are interested on how I liked the book, then go click on the book’s cover on the sidebar.

If you want to share your accomplished reading challenge on Goodreads, then go ahead and post a link to your Goodreads profile in the comment section of this post. I would really enjoy seeing what kind of of books you like to read.

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